Radar ViewPoint's Supplementary Data Bases

Radar Site Data

There are two files that depict where various radar sites are located.

RADAR.ODB -- This file contains the radar site coverage circles. Use the Import... command from the Draw menu to show the data. Point to any circle, and the upper status line will show the controlling facility for that radar.

RADAR.USR -- This file contains the radar site locations. Load this data into the user waypoint database by selecting [Import...] from within the user waypoint dialog (select User Waypoints... from the Databases menu.) This takes a few minutes to load, but you only need to import it once. You can perform a Proximity Search to locate the nearest radar sites to any point of interest. Another way to use this data is to draw a 60NM or 150NM circle centered at a point of interest and you can see what radar sites are within the circle.

Sample Radar Data

Included with Radar ViewPoint are three sample radar data files to help you get familiar with the program. Here is a very brief statement on each file:

DIABLO.RAD -- This file includes an aircraft that violated Concord airport's airspace, did an about face, got into SFO's Class B airspace, continued on and then turned into Mt. Diablo. Zoom to CCR, then open this radar file.

DAGGETT.RAD -- This file includes a near-mid-air close to the Daggett airport. Zoom to DAG, then open this radar file. This file is used within the "One Page Tutorial."

BIG.RAD -- This sample has a very large set of radar data. There is approximately twenty minutes of radar data of all primary and 1200 code targets from the Oakland ARTCC facilities. This file can give you a feel for how large data sets can be manipulated. Experiment with different display limitations to get a better sense of what can be done. Have fun.

Miscellaneous Databases

STATES.ODB -- This database labels the name of each state on the chart. To use, Import the file from the Draw menu.

CA_CO.ODB -- This database labels the name of the counties within California. To use, Import the file from the Draw menu.

CITIES.ODB -- Identifies several major cities. Import this file from the Draw menu.

Extra Bonus Program

XCRASH.EXE -- This program extracts data from the crash database and creates a printable and editable text file. Type: XCRASH /HELP for various options. This program also can be used to create a new crash database (call if you need to do this.)

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