Universal Radar Format
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The Universal Radar Format (.URF) is used to normalize different sources of radar data before it is translated into the optimized form used within Radar ViewPoint. The programs CDR2URF and PRERADAR both produce URF files and the program MAKERADR takes an URF file to produce the .RAD file used by Radar ViewPoint. The URF file is a standard text file and can be created, edited, viewed or printed by most any text editing or word processor programs.

There are circumstances where you have, or can get, radar data on a printout, but the data is not obtainable as a file. If you have the desire and the patience, the radar data can be hand entered and then used by Radar ViewPoint. To do this, you must create a text file organized using the Universal Radar Format, then run the MAKERADR program on your text file. The text file can contain just a few radar hits, or up to tens of thousand of radar hits.

The Universal Radar Format uses fixed field locations and is described as followed:

URF Field Descriptions

         1         2         3         4         5         6        6
tttttttttt lllllllll gggggggggg aaaaa bbbb rrrr ss iiiiiii nnnn fff y
0519:30.00 N38-30-20 W122-45-00  2500 0164 UC/  02 N123456  134     0
0521 35    N39 32.40 W112 41.25       1200         V                  
0523 30.23 N39 12 20 W113 45 00 11500 0164 R       N123456          1

tttttttttt Time in 'HHMM SS.ss' or 'HHMM SS' form.
lllllllll Latitude in any reasonable form.
gggggggggg Longitude in any reasonable form.
aaaaa Altitude in feet MSL (leave blank if unknown)
bbbb Beacon Code. (leave blank if unknown)
rrrr Attributes: one of U-Undecided,R-Retained,D-Disregard. 'D' is default. Also, /-Slant-range Corrected, C-Coasting.
ss Symbol Override: 00-Red Diamond, 01-Green Cross, 02-Blue Circle, 03-Red Block, 04-Black Dot, 05-Red Dot, 04-Gray Circle, 05-Blue Star, 06-Green Triangle. Leave symbol override blank for default symbols.
iiiiiii Aircraft ID. (leave blank if unknown)
nnnn Track Number. (leave blank if unknown)
fff Facility Number. (leave blank if unknown)
y Radar subsystem (digit or leave blank)

Bold fields are mandatory, others can be left blank if unknown. Each line is to be terminated by an end of line sequence (CR/LF).

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